Masonry: 4 Columns

4: Baby Reindeer

3: Mrs. Doubtfire

2: Idiocracy

1: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....three geeks kicked off season 3

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Family Matters

Did I do that?! Tune into this special 420 episode dedicated to Family Matters.

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23: Can We Geek About: Pacific Rim

While Tommy and Amanda enjoy a brief vacation, Kyle and JJ borrow the studio to launch their spin-off podcast, Can We Geek About. In their premiere episode they discuss 2013 sci-fi film, Pacific Rim. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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22: Oscar Nominations 2024

It's the season finale and with the Acadamy Awards happening during our break, it's time to make some predictions. Tommy and Amanda work through the nominees and make their predictions. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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21: Ladybugs

Rodney Dangerfield doesn't get any respect from the critics, who hated this week's movie. It's a kids, cross-dressing, sports comedy where Rodney Dangerfield plays with his balls. Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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